Poppy magic
For me art is about expressing the blessing which is ‘my life’. Thanks for joining me on my journey.
My paintings are inspired by everyday life: a glance between strangers; children at play; the colour harmony of an early morning sky; how the sunlight catches a flower; the abstract shapes of a bare tree; walking along familiar roads or seeing the people I love i.e. transferring Gods beautiful creation onto canvas.

My art represent the joy I find in the small things in life. It is about how I view people and places and relate to them. This is what I hope to share with you, seeing life through my eyes.

Oil paint is my preferred medium. I love the rich colours, the creamy texture and the permanence it suggests.

Painting makes me feel alive in a special way. It’s a little bit like falling in love. At first it is only about what the first glance promised. Then the more you look, the more you like what you see and the more you look, and then it seems to be only you and the paint on the canvas. That is what I love about painting.

To be honest, for me painting is more about how I feel while I am painting than about the end product.