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The 25 hour day

Jogging along the Seine

Jogging along the Seine

On the 25th, the last Sunday of October, watches were turned back an hour in Europe. What to do with my extra hour? Some people spent their energy jogging. Me, I visited museum d’Orsay – again. There was a cycling event and I had to cross the Seine on a lower level bridge underneath the one I took before. New perspective from here, across the river and towards the museum. Serendipity!


There were swarms of people inside the museum. I was on the fifth floor in a room with an American couple. There we were surrounded by beautiful sculptures and paintings, but the woman was staring out the window. Breathtaking view, I have to admit, but still? The man said “come away from the window, look at these paintings, why do you keep looking outside?”, she replied “I want to look at the city, there’s so much to see, we have to go see more of the city…” Oh how I feel for that poor man! Maybe it was their 4th visit as well, I suppose some people just can’t get enough.


Christ and his disciples on the way to Bethany - Henry Ottawa Tanner

Christ and his disciples on the way to Bethany – Henry Ottawa Tanner

Saint Jean Baptiste - Jean Dampt

Saint Jean Baptiste – Jean Dampt

Everytime I go there something different grabs my attention. This time it was a painting by Henry Ossawa Tanner of Jesus and his disciples, on their way to Bethany and a sculpture by Jean Dampt of an innocent little boy, who was to become Saint Jean-Baptiste.



Art in the Museum

Art in the Museum

Even the children are having a great time at the museum, the artists of the future?


Fiac exhibit in Jardin des Tuileries

FIAC exhibit in Jardin des Tuileries

In the romantic Jardin des Tuileries there was a sparkling crystal chandelier inside a huge bubble, floating on the octagonal lake. Part of the FIAC exhibition, lovely.

Rue Jacob!

Rue Jacob!

Found a street in Paris that make me miss my husband even more… Rue Jacob.


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