Brightly colored spheres

Brightly coloured spheres

The controversial avant-garde Centre Georges-Pompidou opened in 1977. It was a joint venture between architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, in response to, then president Pompidou’s wish to establish a multi-discipline cultural centre in Paris. Being both a museum and an art centre. It is like a building turned inside out: escalators, lifts, air and water ducts and even the massive steel struts that are the building’s skeleton have been placed on the outside. This creates an uncluttered, modern space inside. What attracted me was the panoramic views of Paris promised to be seen from the top level. Unfortunately yesterday was rainy day, photos to follow on the next sunny day, seems that will not be for another week or so.

Most of the art was way beyond my understanding: a huge square canvas (around 2mx2m) resembling a dirty wall, titled “Almost white”, another one is covered in royal blue velvet, a room with brightly colored geometric shapes, painstakingly painted quite neatly on the wall etc. Quite amazing was the amount of people staring at these, as if they could see something I was unaware of? The brightly coloured spheres, connected to form a snake is quite striking. What I did like about this museum was the sense of playfulness and the spacious hallways…

No, it's not pollution

No, it’s not pollution, it’s an exhibit

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