Monet's dining room

Giverny – Ode to Monet

Pink rose in bloom

Flashes of bright yellow

My 2015 visit to the Orangerie put Giverny on my 2018 wish list. After 2 days in Paris, I booked a train ticket to Vernon for a visit to Fondation Claude Monet Giverny. In contrast to the sunny forecast, an icy breeze greeted me on the open air shuttle from Vernon to Giverny. All hyped up to see the garden, I did not mind a bit. It is a picturesque village, an hour away by train from Paris. Even in autumn the garden is spectacular.

Archway seen from the house

Lily pond

Monet’s garden

The lily pond attracts tourists like bees to honey. Especially the Japanese bridge, “because it’s famous” I heard a wife explain to her perplexed husband, waiting in line for the next snapshot.


Maison de Claude Monet

Maison de Claude Monet

Dining room

The house is painted in the original bright colors that Monet fancied, inside and out. He was a prolific art collector, magnificent Japanese prints adorn the walls. A Cezanne painting caught my eye, I had not seen it before. I so admire his use of color, the snow in this painting is nowhere near a boring white.


Paul Cezanne, Melting Snow at Fontainebleau


Plein air painting

The website specifically mentioned that painting is not allowed in the gardens. Pochade box in my bag, itching to paint something, I walked around the village. Across the road from the back entrance, between the main garden and the lily pond, I found a wooden post to sit on. Here I was able to paint undisturbed for about an hour and a half. A pleasant way to end a perfect day, how blessed I am.

P.S Pacer app counted 16683 steps for the day!

Pochade box painting

Plein air, Giverny, back entrance of Monet’s garden



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