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After more than a month in Paris, it is starting to feel like home! Early morning stroll leads to chance meeting with the swans of Notre Dame 🙂


Ferdinand Victor Eugène Delacroix was born on 26 April 1798 and he died on 13 August 1863. In 1957 he moved into the house that was to become a museum dedicated to his work. He studied the optical effects of colour and he was influenced by the work of the Impressionists. In contrast to the perfectionism of his chief rival Ingres, Delacroix used expressive brushstrokes in his romantic paintings. He was inspired by  Rubens and painters of the Venetian Renaissance. His work is colourful and is about movement, rather than clarity of outline and carefully modelled form. Hippolyte-Charles Gaultron’s portrait of Delacroix is exquisite.

Eugène Delacroix by Gaultron

Eugène Delacroix by Gaultron

A portrait of Delacroix painted by his friend Thalès Fielding hangs right next to a portrait of Fielding, painted by Delacroix. Love the idea.

Portraits of Delacroix and Fielding painted by each other

Portraits of Delacroix and Fielding painted by each other

Mary Magdalene in the desert - Delacroix

Mary Magdalene in the desert – Delacroix

The striking portrait “Mary Magdalene in the desert” hangs in the sunny studio where Delacroix worked. This room is on the second floor and overlooks the beautiful garden that has recently been restored to its original layout. As I took a photo of the garden, I noticed a man and woman sitting on separate benches in the garden, my reflection can be seen in the photo. I went down to sit in the garden and enjoy the unexpected peace and quiet right in the middle of Paris. Surprisingly the man and woman both stood up and left together, obviously a couple. Later at home when I noticed my reflection on the photo and the 2 of them so seemingly unrelated, I was struck by the thought that the 3 of us were like ships passing in the night…

View of garden from the studio

View of garden from the studio

Garden - Delacroix museum

Garden – Delacroix museum

His sketches are beautiful:

Sketch - Delacroix

Sketch – Delacroix

The horse is masterfully done and seems to jump off the canvas.

Horseman - Delacroix

Horseman – Delacroix

Security is tight here in Paris, better stop saying ‘only in South Africa’ 🙂

Vigilant security

Vigilant security!

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