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Working stay at Cité Internationale des Arts, October and November 2015

Boutique in Rue Rivoli

Orange galore

Orange can be fashionable, or only in Paris? Apparently the only words that rhyme with orange: Blorenge (a mountain in Whales) and sporange (a sac where spores are made), a bit of useless information…                           And a late night stroll:

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Sacré-Coeur Basilica


This morning I headed for Montmartre. According to the map it is 4.5 km from where I stay to Sacré-Coeur basilica, so I decided to take the metro, get off at Anvers, where I got the first glimpse of the basilica. From there I walked to ‘Un Zèbre’ where I had lunch. The meal of […]

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Larger than life


Yesterday at watercolor class I made a new friend and today we spent the day together. How wonderful to meet a kindred spirit, who also enjoy walking around Paris aimlessly, admiring the great architecture. She is from Russian origin but now lives in the UK with her Jewish boyfriend. We talked non-stop and she has […]

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Rue du Bailliage, Versailles

Versailles, not the Palace…

After watching Mike’s step by step travel guide on how to travel from Paris to Versailles by train, I was so confident that it would be easy as pie to go to Versailles (I’m a poet! Yes when you say “Versailles” like the French do, it rhymes with pie! I think…) Somehow I ended up in […]

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Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges

The oldest square in Paris, Place des Vosges, was finished in 1612. It is a square of perfect symmetry. The surrounding buildings are filled with restaurants and art galleries. Today I had a picnic lunch there, on my way to Atelier la Villa Bastile for a life drawing class with Patrick Fouilhoux.  I enrolled for watercolour classes […]

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Jardin de l'Hôtel de Sens

Coffee in the park

Around the corner from the Cité is a small park. Perfect for the first cup of coffee of the day, bread and cheese, sketchbook and my paintbox. The building with the red door and window frames, is Bibliothèque Forney. I made some sketches and a quick painting, trying to capture the mood of the fresh […]

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Attended my first French class today. Maybe I went to the wrong room, because it was all Greek to me! The teacher speaks only French in the class, although she explained the rules in English: “French only, no translations and say ‘stop’ when you don’t understand”. All the other students can speak some French, it […]

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Monet at de l’Orangerie

My attempt to walk to the Eiffel tower was first interrupted by coffee in Jardin des Tuileries  and then by Monet’s water lilies. A lesson to be learned in both cases. The coffee I ordered, turned out to be a tiny espresso, note to self: next time ask for an americano. To my credit, I did […]

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The Seine

Paris at last!

First few days in Paris has been lovely sunny weather, not autumn yet. My building is on a beautiful street, lined with huge trees, right next to the Seine. Once the  leaves are gone I might be able to see Nôtre Dame’s steeple. The architecture is stunning, Hôtel de Ville is a perfect example. Every street […]

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Have paint, will travel

In April 2015 I applied to SANAVA for a two month working stay at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. D.V. on 30 September 2015 I am off to make this dream come true! In 2010 I made this painting. Hopefully I can soon improve on this 😉 Meanwhile I still have to figure out what painting materials […]

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